Monday, August 9, 2010

More on Indiana State Fair's doughnut burgers and fried everything

More on Indiana State Fair's doughnut burgers and fried everything
Yesterday, I posted my brother Mark Pescovitz's photos from the Indiana State Fair showing the availability of such delicacies as Hot Beef Sundaes, Doughnut Burgers, and Fried Butter. The Indianpolis Star also took note of the unique food offerings, which also included chocolate-covered bacon and an array of other healthy snacks, most of which are cooked up by one family of fair food entrepreneurs. From the Indy Star (photo by Mark Pescovitz):
Photo-22 Visitors through Aug. 22 can sample a hog's trough of oddball fair foods: deep-fried sushi, deep-fried dill pickles, deep-fried candy bars, chocolate-covered popcorn balls, root-beer marinated ribs and the garbage burger -- a pork patty covered with pulled pork on a bun, the Signature Food in the fair's "Year of Pigs." But it was the deep-fried butter and doughnut burgers that drew the customers and the "just curious" on Friday.

(Vendor Dennis Reas) said he might offer jelly with the burgers in Indianapolis, a common customer request he wasn't prepared to hear at earlier stops.

Customer Danny Shields, 22, Indianapolis, said the burger was well worth the price. He got one with bacon and egg, which can be added for an extra cost.

"Doughnut burger judged 'awesome'" (Thanks, vonnegutlives!)

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