Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evolution toys for kids: Charlie's Playhouse

Kate sez, "Charlie's Playhouse is the first company ever to make kids' toys and games about evolution and Charles Darwin. I'm a scientist and mom, and decided to start this company when I discovered there are NO kid's products on evolution. Maybe that's why only 40% of US adults accept evolution - because we don't talk to kids about it. This link goes to a short, fun video (with a great bluegrass soundtrack) in which our cartoon 'Charlie' Darwin explains how there are no evolution toys. It's catchy, please take a look! While there, you can also check out our flagship product, the Giant Evolution Timeline, an 18-foot-long play mat covering 600 million years of evolution."

Evolution for kids | Science for kids | Evolution activities - Charlie's Playhouse (Thanks, Kate!)

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