Monday, June 6, 2011

Guerrilla camper re-opens shuttered Michigan public campsite

Persons unknown recently re-opened Michigan's West Branch State Forest Campground, mowing sites, moving the boulders that blocked the entrance and breaking into the bathrooms. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources speculates on the guerrilla camper's motivations, suggesting that s/he was either just eager to camp, or wanted to protest the planned closure of more Michigan campsites.
But recently, perhaps over the Memorial Day weekend, someone illegally re-opened the campground. Grass at two of the campsites had been mowed, as well as along a short path toward the river. The campsites are nearest restrooms, which had their door handles and locks broken away.

Campsites numbers 15 and 16 were mowed and are situated across a dirt roadway from each other. Tracks from a truck and a passenger car were still visible in the sand at one of the sites Saturday.

Campground closed in 2009 illegally reopened (via Consumerist)

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