Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mosh pit paintings by Dan Witz

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Brooklyn painter, street artist, and musician Dan Witz has a solo show opening at NYC's Jonathan LeVine Gallery on June 30. The series of large-scale hyper-realistic figurative paintings is titled "Mosh Pits, Human and Otherwise." From the Gallery:
Applying old master techniques, (Witz) achieves impressively convincing trompe l'oeil illusions of light, shadow and depth in his finely rendered portraits, landscapes and still lifes. The artist recently added digital media tools to his process (having previously used traditional projection methods). Combining old master techniques and digital technology, he photographs his subjects, composes in photoshop, prints an a-chromatic underpainting on canvas then glazes and scumbles over this foundation using traditional representational painting...

In contrast to paintings that portray throngs of punk youth, titled after music venues such as ABC No Rio, Witz expands upon the crowd theme to include a rush-hour herd of suit-wearing businessmen in Grand Central Station in addition to non-human subjects in other works with animals such as a pack of fighting dogs and a writhing mass of rats.

"Mosh Pits (Human and Otherwise)" (

Jonathan LeVine Gallery (Thanks, Maléna Seldin!)

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