Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lady Gaga Sued, Iggy Pop Quits Stage-Diving

Here are some of the weirdest web stories we've seen this week:

--Iggy Pop, inventor of the stage dive, officially retires his classic move at age 62 but assures fans, "I'll still dive off other things." [Jam!]

--"Wall of Sound" creator and California inmate Phil Spector gets his front teeth knocked out for dissing a fellow prisoner. Spector commented, "I really miss my pistol." [NY Daily News]

--Lady Gaga's ex-BF is suing her for $30 million, claiming he wrote her songs. However, he claimed zero responsibility for her outfits. "Those are ugly, man." Dis! [CNN]

--A nonsmoking organization attempts to prosecute Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn for smoking onstage in England. His response: "But it was the cartoon me!" [Portsmouth Today]

--Audio engineering company GGRP Sound creates an album sleeve that doubles as a record player. The youth of today ask, "What's an album sleeve?" [Gizmondo]

--Canada is attempting to break the World Record for the most guitars played at once. Toronto collective Broken Social Scene are seeking new members and preparing to defend their crown. [Break The Guitar Record]

--Right Said Fred, the group behind '90s dance hit "I'm Too Sexy," just booked a gig at a London rugby game. That's sure to please all those blokes looking for someone to punch. [NME]

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