Friday, March 12, 2010

The Future Is Here: Jetpacks Now Commercially Available

Image from Martin Aircraft

Well, it is a little late, but nine prototypes later the folks over at Martin Aircraft are releasing a commercially available jetpack. So, time to suit up and fly to work folks. At the cost of a high end car (approximately $86,000) you will be able to land on the roof top of your office building and avoid all those lengthy delays in traffic - just watch out for birds and low flying planes.

Of course, whether it will be legal to fly one of these babies in commercial airspace will depend on the US Federal Aviation Administration, who are probably not up to speed with jetpack technology yet. And whether you will be provided with a suitable hanger on your workplace rooftop is something you'll have to negotiate yourself. Still, if you really want to buy a jetpack and you can afford it, your day has come!

If you have the spare cash lying around you can place an order at the Martin Jetpack website

And, props to Gizmag who has a great article on all the technical breakdown information you need.

Happy flying.

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