Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Impossible Happens: Polaroid-Style Instant Film is Back

Way back in January 2009, I blogged in this very space about an embryonic effort to restart manufacturing of Polaroid instant film. With the help of a group of investors, Florian Kaps and the Impossible Project have brought that dream to life. It took more than just a couple of shakes of a photo, but they announced today that their PX films will be available this Thursday, March 25. For now, it only comes in b&w, but they say color PX film is on the way. Cool packaging, of course, since it's European and all.

The photographers featured in the Impossible Collection show just how much you can do with that old film's peculiarities. Here's to a new Golden Age of blurry, weirdly-tinted Polaroid instant photos!

Will you be rushing right out to pick up some PX for your old Polaroid? Or are you sticking with the pixels?


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